How to get rid of "/ Loading Nix environment"

Question: Its been going for over a year, how to stop it?

Repl link: I will send this soon

@NateDhaliwal Was helping me, please help me here. Thank you

Hi @PythonIsSooCool !
Can you avoid posting duplicate topics to get your problem answered faster?
P.S. we can continue on the last thread.

Hi! Sorry, it was because I was not allowed to reply anymore in the other thread. Sorry!

May I ask why you were not allowed?

I dont know :laughing:, thats why i came here!

IT said something about commenting three times

Hi @PythonIsSooCool !
Can you check if there has been this issue before, and a possible solution?
@ShaneAtReplit Can you help with this?
@QwertyQwerty88 can you split and merge pls? Tks

Hey @PythonIsSooCool!

It looks like some extra, invalid content was added to the replit.nix file which caused the Repl fail to load the Nix environment. We have removed the invalid content and have confirmed that the Repl loads correctly now.

Note the invalid pkgs.os.system and pkgs.otherPackages dependencies.

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Thank you Very much, I will try it now


Yeah that worked thank you so much


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