How to get replit users profile pic through an api

Is there an api that lets you get a profile pic of an replit user??? if so then where

Hey, @ch1ck3n welcome to the forums.

I don’t believe Replit has a public API.

Damn, is there a plan to make a public api then


Although the API technically isn’t public, you can still use it. Here’s an example GraphQL request to

query user($id: Int!) {
    user(id: $id) {

and you will need to pass in the user ID as a variable. You may also need to authorise with your connect.sid token.

You can also check out which is being made by @rayhanadev, but I don’t think it’s finished yet.

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@DillonB07 why are you including the isFollowingCurrentUser field?

oops, forgot to delete it. I copied the query from one of my projects.

cool thanks guys!!! you are great help

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