How to Get More Database Space?

I have a quick question regarding database space for Repls – I have some shared Repls that use a Neon / Postgresql database and the owner of the accounts mentioned they’ve been receiving emails about how we are near (or at) 100% space.

My questions are:

  1. How can we increase that limit? I think it is currently 10GB.
  2. What happens if we go over our allotted space (i.e. will Replit simply charge us extra, and how much would that potentially be?)
  3. If we go over our allotted limit, will that effect our Replits performance?
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it’s so easy to do it

I’m not the owner of the account so I can’t see everything, but can you let me know where in the owners account the option is to buy more space?

AFAIK, there isn’t currently, I’m not sure what @pjwilsonwoods was referring to.

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Thanks @Firepup650 , do you know what happens when we go over? Like does Replit just charge us a bit more or will it start to effect our repl performance? If we need to purge some records to make space we’ll figure that out, but if we just have to pay a bit more (depending on the price) that may not be terrible at least for a bit while we figure out the best move

I’m not sure personally, I’d expect you just can’t add new data/expand older data once you reach the limits, but I don’t know.


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