How to get INSTRUCTIONS tab back?

If a student closes the INSTRUCTIONS tab, there does not seem to be a way to get it back aside from refreshing the entire browser page - and even that does not seem to guarantee that it comes back.

Could there be a button for the instructions tab in the list when you create a new tab?


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I tested it and you just need to refresh the page and it should pop back up within a few seconds.

Right. Totally agree. But as I said in my original post - that’s not working for all my students. (sorry if that was originally vague)

Not to mention, I feel like refreshing is not a great permanent solution - there should be a way to bring it back whenever you want.

Here’s a mockup…


I was just looking at that UI. I tried adding a relative link to a webpage repl and it did not work. This should be a feature request for a way to open the instructions. If you do I think Ian can link the feedback to this topic

Thanks @MrBrash for highlighting this. I’ve asked the team if there is another way to get instructions tab back without refreshing the screen. I agree that an additional link on the new tab screen would be perfect.

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Or a read-only file in the file explorer

It has now been added to the + icon.

When you close the instructions tab it will appear as shown:


Props to Replit Support team for this quick fix!


Freaking brilliant. What was that - 24 hour turnaround? As I mentioned to the support team in email:


Honestly, I’ve worked with so many vendors on products and Replit’s customer support and tech support kicks everyone else in the behind.

You all rock.