How to get free Replit Core

I had the option for like, a day. But I haven’t seen it anywhere anymore. Previously when I had X’d it out, it would let me come back to do it. But now it doesn’t. Is it just expired now?


The same thing happened to me. I would assume that replit isn’t going to offer it again (at least for an amount of time), since if the deal was consistently accessible, people would end up exploiting it for infinite core (constant creation of new accounts, then just forking the old replit to continue working on it). Additionally, even if you had accepted the deal, it would have still needed payment information, which some people (like me :slight_smile:, won’t/can’t enter. It’s meant to be a “deal”, because most people exit out of it, while it promotes replit core and informs people of it at the same time… Kinda sad, but it’s the world of business…


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it’s gone. used to be at top right on pfp (on replit) and press join replit core, then there would be a button to get it for free or something like that even if you clicked out. it’s gone now

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Yeah, I got it too, and I accepted it, but a lot of people are saying it is gone.


the whole post is kinda gone for some reason. there’s like no posts here, so maybe that’s why? It got moved?

@thehaseltons was talking about the free Replit Core trial.

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