How to Get a List of All Usernames in Team

How do I download all the team members by replit username?

I dont think this is possible

I think it is not possible, but If you like to have it in the future as a feature you should request it as one in the ?Help button on the side bar.

Hi @t_rk

Does projects overview provide what you need?

To access this go into the Team and click on Projects Overview and then click on Download top right to get a list of members in your Team.

Hope this helps!

No — not really. It’s clunky and I have to wait for an email that is often delayed.

Hi @t_rk how often are you looking to get a list of all usernames in the team? If it’s once per term the above would be suitable but I don’t know what your use case is here. Can you explain a little more please?

I sometimes want to break students into groups and create separate teams. Then I sometimes want a list is who is who.

Ah ok. So what I do is add a column to my Google Sheet markbook at the start of the year with their Replit username. It helps a lot when setting up assessments later in the year.

If you have this then you shouldn’t need to run the export from the project overview for each Team, just copy the username from an external markbook.

Hope this helps!