How to force display the terminal output instead of showing the webpage view in the public view?


I am building an example for a SDK, and in the example, it will run a WS server. When viewing it on the public view, it will try to display the web view connecting to the WS server, and resulting a big blank screen and looks like it doesn’t work.

I want it to display the console output instead of the not really a webpage view.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

This big blank screen isn’t helping.

Also I don’t want to only bind the WS server to local as it is useful for people to connect it with other tools and play with the server.

Hey @xlc!

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only display the console of a Repl in the cover page if the Repl hosts a web server. That said, I’ve passed this on to the team as feedback!

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It will be great if there is a way to configure the default component. Looking forward for the future update.