How to exit this Nit environment?

How to remove this Nit Environment?

It gets annoying to take up more spaces to read the error. Occurred when I tried installing something and this pops up.

Welcome to Ask! That is actually “nix”, not “nit”. Also you don’t want to exit it; otherwise your Repl wouldn’t work AND you’d have access to Replit’s server (luckily you can’t exit it :slight_smile: ). Evidently there is a problem with your Repl. Could you provide the link so we can take a look? What command were you running to get this output?


Hello, it appears that you might be installing incorrectly.
In your replit.nix file, make sure there is nothing in the deps list.
To install a package for a python repl, you can use the Packages tab, which can be opened from Tools.


Thank you so much! This actually fixed the solution I’ve struggling to fix for 2 days.

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