How to download all of my REPLITS?

How can I download all of my Replit projects without manually going into each one and downloading? For reference, I am in a Replit Education Team with over 30 replit projects and I’d like to download all of them in bulk.

The Replit team was “supposedly” working on a export tool that was supposed to be released last month. However, I have created a slightly more inconvenient bulk repl downloader previously and will share it with you once I locate it.

This is merely a bookmarklet (only a few hundred characters long) with no graphql. If the moderators are still dissatisfied by this, feel free to reach out and I’ll promptly get rid of the bookmarklet.

Also, I didn’t feel like converting this to an actual bookmarklet because they are extremely hard to debug.

To download your team repls, navigate to, then paste this into the browser console.

let queue = [];
for (let stack of Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(".stack")).filter((e,i)=>i%2==0)){
    for (let assignment of Array.from(Array.from(stack.children).at(-1).children).slice(1)){
        queue.push(assignment.children[0].children[0].children[0].children[0].children[1].children[0].children[0].href + ".zip");
setInterval(()=>{}, 500);

Your browser should now start prompting you to download your repls (I intentionally delayed it so that the next repl would start downloading with a delay of 500ms).

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Thanks so much for sharing! Is there a version of this that works for all replits for a user?

Hi @MichaelDArgenio !
There are some made by community members: