How to do forms in ExpressJs?

I’m trying to make a form with Node.js/Express and I need help! It’s a simple form that asks the user for their name and message and puts it in a database (Replit’s db).

There is no code link or Repl link because I haven’t started it yet.

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expressjs isn’t able to do forms directly (it can’t do anything client-side), although it can handle form submissions


It can if u are creative about it

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What you probably want to do is receive a post request:

// automatically turn all form/json input to json

// simple post route"/api", function(req, res) {
	// print the form/json input

I’m not 100% sure about form input being automatically converted to JSON, so you should test this to be sure.


Can I invite you to the Repl I’m working on so you can understand?

Sure that’s fine :+1:

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