How to disable the blue authorization screen to access the server even with a personal domain

The screen requesting confirmation of your email to access my Replit continues to appear, even after I have created my own domain to access my deployed app
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Periodically, the identity confirmation screen appears when accessing my app.
This happened when I used the Replit domain ‘.app’.
I thought that when I created my own domain, this problem would disappear. But that didn’t happen…
Is there a way for this authorization screen to stop appearing?
My users are complaining about this…

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Hi @fotografiadmd , welcome to the forums!
The blue page asking users to sign up is called Replit Auth. To disable it, go to the Authentication tab and turn it off.
Hope this helps!


If you click this button,
Screenshot 2024-03-07 5.49.41 PM
It will open the authentication tab and there you can disable it,
Hope this helps!


Thank You a lot, guys

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Thanks a lot! mjkobylins!

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