How to disable run history preview in console?

Question: please have a look at the image I have posted, since I’m not sure how to explain what is going on, but it keeps showing my run history, is there any way for me to disable it?

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Hi @ranaalsharif855 , welcome to the forums!
This is a new feature that Replit has released. You cannot disable it, but you can click the Trash icon at the top of the Console tab to remove the previous runs.
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The same problem here.
Hope they will add an optiot soon to quickly disable it.

Hi @ReptylJan , welcome to the forums!
It is unlikely that they will remove it, but it can be useful if you want to compare the outputs, identify which output is an install or a run etc.

This is useful for large code, but it can be cumbersome when used for running small code snippets repeatedly as examples.

As teacher, please give us the option to disable it. Students are very confused when executing repeatedly the compilation, it shows previous compile errors and they seem to be current errors…

Welcome to Ask @oriefeiro! See this post for information on how to (sort of) mitigate this issue as well as where to vote to undo the change:

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Not exactly a solution, but:

from replit import clear



Yes, but the problem is that it would only clear the current run contents, not previous run histories. Your best bet is to just click the trash icon.

I think there should be a way to disable it, I find it tedious to empty the history after every run. Though I am glad Replit added this, I do find myself using it in certain scenarios.

You could make a Feature Requests for it, but search for it in case it already exists.

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