How to delete a branche from github desktop?

I want to delete a branch from github desktop. The branch name is called def geupdate versie the first one above. You can see it in the screenshot here below?
Anyone any idea how you can remove this one?

On the desktop app click the button on the top to view all branches than right click and use the option to delete the branch.

Which button on the top view?


I don´t think you understand what i meant. I only want to delete the file that is called ´def geupdate versie´ not the whole time-limit.

Hi @amel8star. I can download GitHub Desktop and take a look, but does this forum link help at all? Or do you not get the same options?

Hi, thank you for the link. I think this forum gives me a other option than here.

I couldt fix it, anybody a idea?

Hey @amel8star . This is what I normally do to delete a branch in GitHub. I click on the current branch and it gives me a list of branches, including recent branches. I can right-click on a branch to delete it:

You might also try posting on Github Community if you still need help or your version doesn’t give these options.


I tried getting the same page as u where u can see the delete button where u posted the image here up. Is this the right page here i can delete it then?
See below

Hi, is this the right one here under below as you had oasted where you can delete the branch @KAlexK ?

The bottom most button in the pop up you opened says “Delete”, that should delete the branch.

Yes, you can see it here under and then de Delete button. Do I have the right one here?

Yes, that would be the correct button to delete the branch. Just make sure you have the right one selected.

Yes, that looks correct to me. This is your list of branches. Just make sure you’re deleting the one you intend to delete.

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