How to debug with new URL?

I am running a flask app on replit. It was easy to debug when we had the public url, as I could send a webhook and see my printlogs in the console. How can I now test a flask app that is not deployed? Or alternatively, how can see more detailed print logs for an app that is deployed? The current logs in Deployments does not show the detailed print logs.


@Theovan8 you can open the link in a new tab via the webview and copy it from there. Note that this link will only work while the workspace is open (meaning it’s only valid for people with edit access to the repl unless they’re really lucky and you’re in the workspace when they want to use it).


Thanks for your reply. My webview just shows: Replit Legacy Hosting has migrated to Deployments. Is there a setting I need to change or something?

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You’ll need to deploy the repl.

I did, but I still need the temp url, as per your previous reply, for testing and debugging.

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Maybe try forking the Repl? :woman_shrugging:

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I tried, but no change. My other Repls work fine in producing a temp url.

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