How to create multiple files in c++ program?


how to create multiple files in c++ program???

i find error while creating multiple files in c++

can anyone pls sort it out.

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Hi @BALAKUMAR14 welcome to the community and thanks for your post.

From your screenshot and the link provided I can see that you are trying to create multiple separate programs within the same Repl. I think this is causing your issue.

Individual Repls should be used for each C++ program that has a main definition.

Hope this helps!

@BALAKUMAR14 you could use header files (.hpp) if you want multiple files.


I am learning the C++ program in topic wise. So I had a topic name in the folder name and file name.

how can I give likewise.

The way C++ is compiled when the “run” button is clicked it attempts to build object code for all of the C files in the Repl. This is why you see the error message.

It then runs the object code associated with main.cpp if no errors were encountered.

I really recommend you use separate Repls for each program you are coding and come up with an appropriate naming system so that you can track your progress.

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ya bro its working thanks alot bro…

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