How to create an android project

I want to start working on an android project with my friends, we tried almost everything still can’t create an android project in Replit

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I don’t think you can do mobile development on replit

How/what have you been trying? What languages have you been using? Contrary to what @ParanormalCoder said, I believe you can do mobile development on Replit. With some more information, someone might be able to help get you started :slight_smile:

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I use Java. who might help me? I asked chatgpt, it says: Yes, it’s possible to do mobile development on Replit

Doing mobile development on Replit sounds familiar, so I think it might be an option. However, I sure wouldn’t take chatGPT’s word for anything Replit related.

I think you can use languages designed for mobile development, but I don’t think you can view your app