How to create a template?

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I would like to create a Swift Vapor application on replit. Probably the best way to achieve this is creating a template. My question is: can I create a template for that? Is there a tutorial for creating templates?

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Hi @gazolla

Head to the Templates - Replit page. There, you will find “Blank Repl” template.

I forgot where exactly I read about this so I am sorry I am not able to give a direct link, but you will need to search your way through “Nix” system that is used in repls, which is in direct relation to

You may inspect other templates by using the “show hidden files” from ellipses (3 dots, ...) on “files” panel. you will find .replit and replit.nix files you need to edit to make a template.

I hope the next person joining to the discussion here will have better links :slight_smile:

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To create the template I needed to understand:

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Great explanation @UMARismyname which will be useful for others who want to create their own template in the future. Much appreciated!!

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