How to create a specific poll?

Hi everyone! I am new to replit (and coding in general). I need to create a poll/survey in which I have about 3-5 columns, where the first box/line says “x Choice” and the columns below that are the corresponding choices. I just need long columns with all the options, and have columns be next to each other. I am thinking JavaScript with CSS and HTML is the move, but I have some experience with Python. How do I get started? I am completely new to JS,CSS, and HTML. I have not seen tutorials anywhere that help with the specific format I want. Any resources or ideas as to how I can get started?

Thank you!!!

Check out this w3schools tutorial, and if you want to use css to make it look better, check out this one.


This is helpful thank you!

More specifically, Radio Buttons.

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No problem! I’m happy to help!

Well, polls need submit buttons as well.

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