How to create a .env file with secret tools?

Hi !

I am trying to create a file .env
But the replit says that you can create environment files wth secret tools.
But how?

This is a guide on using secrets in the workspace:


Ok i’ll see thank you


When I click the option edit as JSON it sys "Secrets are specified in JSON. Values must be stringd.
what to do now?

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It is easier to use the ui to create secrets, but if you want to edit the json, you may do this:


Shouldn’t I put the secret name and values or something

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It is saying make sure the data is valid

yes replace SECRET_NAME and SECRET_VALUE by your desired secret name and value.
I recommend learning how to use json before editing the raw values

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May I see your json code

What is that :rofl: Actually I am new

Btw what is m secret value and name?

Show me a screenshot of your secrets please

Do you mean this?

Instead of doing that, click the + New button and enter your secret name and value.

I put a random secret valuse and keyand what should i do then

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Click the create button and create the secret. Did you read the replit guide to using secrets i sent?

and I aslod done client login process env.MY secret but should I copy it and where should I put it

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If you created a secret in the ui, you can do:

const myToken = process.env.SECRET_NAME

replace SECRET_NAME with the name of the secret you created

Should I write it in front of console.log(process.env.MY_SECRET)

if you just need to print the secret, no reason to defined a constant for it