How to Copy a Teams Project from another account

I had another account and used Teams and Projects to create assignments for students. I see it is possible to make a link from a project and copy it to another account. However, I no longer have access to the original account that I used to create the Teams and Projects.

I can still see the old account and repls that are associated with it but I can’t get at the Projects to create a link. Is there anyway to do this? Or do you have to be able to sign into the original account?


If you add .zip to the end of the url for the repl it should download the repl’s content in a zip. However I’m not 100% sure if that works for repls you don’t own. You can also try forking the repls.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I don’t see any of the old projects only old repls under the original account that I had.

Hey @cscholten1!

Can you send us the username of the team that you are interested in copying the projects from so we can take a look?

I tested it, it doesn’t work unless you own the Repl.

Yes that’s what you should do.