How to copy a file from one repl to another

How to copy a file from one repl to another repl?

There isn’t a built-in feature to copy files from one Repl to another. Your options are as follows (I tried to put these in order of most to least practical):

  1. Open the file in Repl A, use Ctrl + A to select all the code, copy it and paste it into a file in Repl B.

  2. Download Repl A, extract the desired file from the ZIP you just downloaded, and upload it to Repl B.

  3. Create some sort of a server or something to send the data from Repl A to Repl B (I actually did this once; I had data stored in text files in Repl A so I wrote a function to convert it to JSON and transmit it over the internet to Repl B or anything else that requested it).

  4. (I have not confirmed but this should theoretically work) Get a paid plan so that your Repls have SSH. Make sure that Repl A can SSH into Repl B, then use scp, rsync, or another similar program to send the file that way.

  5. Create a new file in Repl B and type everything by hand.