How to connect aws (cloud provider)

How to connect our repl with AWS?
I have found this post How to connect aws buckets to repl - Replit, but there is no answer for it? Does repl support to connect AWS S3 bucket?

Like communicate between them? Just put a webserver on the one you want data from, and then request it from the other.

yes, we would like to access the AWS S3 bucket from the jupyter notebook in our repl. In our local machine, we install awscli, then have the configuration file in ./aws, we could use aws sso login to the profile. Is the ‘webserver’ solution same with we normally do in our local machine how to access AWS with awscli. Could you elaborate how to do it? I could not find any post or any doc about it. Thx a lot!

I have never used AWS, and do not know what that is. I am just saying host like a flask or nodejs webserver on replit or the container, and transfer data that way.

Thank you!
what we want to use is awscli, there is a post about it 4 years ago but no solution was posted. awscli on - Replit. Anyone know how to do it? It seems like a wanted feature by many.

Try adding pkgs.awscli to your replit.nix. It is an admin package so it might not work.