How to configure replit database

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I have no clue how to fix this

Hi @Hedgehawk11 !
I don’t see this problem. Could you send a screen recording if the issue?


sure, here you go. Also I was signed out during this as I am making it for my friends who don’t have accounts

Hi @Hedgehawk11 !
New link:
I don’t see this error on my side, as I am logged in.
Just a note, it may not be a good idea to use ReplitDB in a Console repl.

So basically, when you run a (non-website) Repl you don’t own from the cover page, Replit will automatically fork the Repl (this is known as a ghost fork).

And when a Repl is forked by a user who doesn’t have edit permissions, all Secrets’ values are lost and the Replit DB doesn’t save to the original Repl’s DB. The only way you can have the Database save among all users is by setting the DB’s URL which can be very insecure and can allow users to delete your entire DB, edit the DB’s keys, or even add their own keys. There isn’t anything that can be done about this other than to just change your Repl into a website.

could i use somthing like mongo?