How to clear Replit Chat?

Hi! I am in a newly founded game team, and I am wondering how, if there is any way to, clear the Repl’s chat. We’ve tried using threads but it spams everyone notifications, and the reason why we want to clear is because it lags from about 5 days worth of messages. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I don’t believe that is possible currently, I’d suggest making a Feature Requests topic.


Hi @pxlmastrXD , welcome to the forums!
Previously, messages were stored per session. Now, it is from past sessions too.
You can clear past messages by pressing the Trash icon at the top or bottom. (I’m on mobile now so I can’t check). On mobile, press the 3 dots of the tab and click ‘Clear Chat History’.
Hope this helps!

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This isn’t about the AI Chat, it’s about the normal chat between users. (Which still isn’t even on mobile…)


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