How to check the output of the code

@KhajaMoinuddin2 That can’t run the console, but I thought that’s what you were using before? Node.js is just JS and has the console.

When you execute the JavaScript code console.log(‘Happy Independence Day’) and click the “Run” button, the output will usually appear in the browser’s developer console. To access the console, you can typically right-click on the webpage, select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element,” and navigate to the “Console” tab. The message “Happy Independence Day” will be displayed there. If you’re using a specific online code editor or platform, provide additional details or a link to the REPL to help identify any potential issues with your code execution.

@faizanmazhar107 I provided the solution I did in case of using other devices not everyone can use inspect element.

Yes it does, and Replit even provides devtools to you. (Which you can use to see the message)

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