How to change repls being deployed to the same public url

Suppose I have a deployed repl at
this was deployed using a repl name testdeployAAA

Then I created a new repl named testdeployBBB
I now want to deploy this repl at the same

How do I do that without first undeploying the first repl? Would like to keep the deployed repl up while doing this.


I believe this is impossible, unless you were to take testdeployAAA, put testdeployBBB’s code in testdeployAAA’s repl, then you could just redeploy it. You would have to either delete or relocate testdeployAAA’s original code. (At least I think this would work.)

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Thanks! @Banesr18
Any replit staff would like to confirm? Thanks

@kwloong I received the ticket that you submitted on this inquiry. I responded to you there with some questions. I’ll update this post after we discuss your use case further.

@kwloong Thanks for discussing this with us and providing your use cases. I confirmed with the team that this is currently not possible.

If you have a custom domain, you could do something like: and Two deployments pointed to one domain would otherwise be a feature request.


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