How to change replit db value if someone has disconnected from a flask server?

I want to make a detector of whether a user is browsing my site

Whenever someone goes to the main route, you could change the main value, or send a request to another endpoint where the value gets changed

Can you give an example code for me? :sweat_smile:

assuming we have defined a flask app and replit db above

def index():
  value = db[‘Views’]
  newvalue = value + 1
  del db[‘Views’]
  db[‘Views’] = newvalue

I don’t think you need a database for this.

I would suggest setting up a before request method, which checks the session and then adds 1 to a counter if someone’s currently on your page.

Store the last time that they made a request, and then have a loop threaded which checks how long it’s been since each user made a request and theb remove them from your list of current users if it’s been to long.

The other, possibly simpler, option is to setup a websocket on every page and then it’s really easy to count how many are connected.

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@CodingCactus but i don’t know how to do it

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