How to change repl timezone

How do I change the time zone in Repl?

Hi @B4kedBr3ad welcome to the community!

In order for the community to suggest ideas to help you solve your code issue it would be useful to share a link to your Repl.

Any error messages that you see appear when you attempt to run your code would also be useful to share here.

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The command “date” in Shell will display the time in UTC. I want to change it to JST.

Hey, @B4kedBr3ad welcome to the forums.

Can you try this? I think that will work but I am not 100% sure

export TZ="/usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Tokyo"
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Hmmm. Not work.
The time zone name is"/usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Tokyo".
I also tried using “timedatectl”, but it gave me an error.

Hi @B4kedBr3ad just cycling back to this topic.

I haven’t been able to resolve this issue unfortunately. It might be that we cannot support different timezones in a Repl.

I have moved this topic to bug reports in the short term but it might need to become a feature request.