How to change my email?

While joining replit I used sign up with GitHub option, at that time I was using GitHub’s hide my email feature.
Now my account is created using, but I don’t use this anymore I want to reset my email to my Outlook.
How can I change my email?

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Please create a ticket at and the Support team will take it from there.

I have the same problem.

Go to and click the :pen: Edit button:



call me silly, but which password, exactly, are you supposed to enter there? What if I have no way of accessing that email anymore?

Enter your Replit account password

What if I have no way of accessing that email anymore?

No worries! just change your email.

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Replit doesn’t know your github password, you can’t just enter it since they’re probably using github or google or one of the other auth things based on this topic

See this:

what do you write at password
you probably need to make a ticket


probably not, the password confirmation is to confirm that its you who is resetting your email

lol, what do you think goes at the password section

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hmm… you should change your github account email then sign in…

That wouldn’t update your Replit email… (AFAIK)

yes that’s what I thought, and besides you’d still need to use github to sign in and you still won’t have an account password

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