How to change "empty file message"

How do I change the “empty file message”?
What I mean by that is:


You can just start typing…


:man_facepalming: no I mean somehow change it, not remove it

Change it to what? Why do you want to change it?

Some Text :unamused:

Just Because

What text? It’s fine the way it is.

What if I use a Blank Repl? :smirk:

It seems to me that those who created the Replit website did not think that anyone would need this feature.

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Hey @SnakeyKing I don’t think this feature exists. You can make a Feature Requests to see if people would like to see it.

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There is no point in having that feature at all, because that text is not in the remote file, but a placeholder the client defaults to in order to help you write something in it.


@7heMech its just a suggestion for if SnakeyKing thinks it is important to them.

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Well, ok, I’m telling him why he might not want it :sweat_smile:

@7heMech it could be something for the Replit Education so the students can see the message when they enter.


Yeah, that does make sense.

Yes. I don’t think that it’s possible (as this feature is probably implemented on the client side).


you can configure the onBoot property in the .replit file to paste in your own template message or content into your specified files, creating a makeshift “placeholder text” effect for all users of your repl.

onBoot = "if ! [ -s ]; then echo Enter a program to get started. >; fi"

Tell me if I got something wrong


@python660 with what I see the onBoot property isn’t changing anything.

also whats my bash syntax error I know that I committed an error

@python660 I see it is a command that runs not text that shows.

yes, it does run a command (a file IO operation to be specific)

Sorry to disappoint you, but no such feature exists to my knowledge as that text is a mere placeholder and is not very important. I don’t think you could change it without some kind of ToS-violating hacking (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HACK REPLIT!!!).