How to cancel, review & repost a bounty?


Bounty hunter no longer working on my bounty - how do I repost the original bounty? Ideally with an updated ‘Posted’ and ‘Due’ date.

Also: Any way to leave a review for a hunter who mislead to me & ultimately, 11 days past deadline, said he can no longer work on the bounty?

I feel others should be aware so this doesn’t happen to them.

Hunters Replit Profile:

Be careful bounty posters!

I trusted @qudusayo & my project has been set back enormously.

Here’s the bounty:

Thank you,

Here’s the bounty:

Hello @AskProgrammers ,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience, and I understand how frustrating it must be to have your project delayed. I wanted to offer some clarification and context to provide a better understanding of the situation.

Unfortunately, I fell ill during the course of working on your project, which significantly affected my ability to complete it by the deadline. I made the decision to step down from the project to ensure that someone else could take over and prevent any further delays. My intention was not to mislead or inconvenience you, but rather to prioritize the progress of the project under the circumstances.

I’d like to add that it wasn’t just your project that was affected by my illness; I had to step down from several other projects as well. You can find more information about these projects on my Replit profile.

Before you made the post on the forum, I had communicated with you about my health situation, and I hoped that this would convey the seriousness of my condition. However, I understand that your public post may have been driven by concern for your project’s progress, rather than a disregard for my well-being.

I’d also like to mention that my recovery has been slower than expected, and I’m still feeling weak. As a result, I haven’t been able to apply for any bounties lately. I apologize if this has caused any confusion or concern.

In the future, I will do my best to communicate any potential obstacles or delays more effectively. I understand that this may not undo the inconvenience you’ve experienced, but I hope it helps to clarify my intentions.

As for reposting your bounty, I think this is absolutely possible which you can surely check out.

Regarding leaving a review for a bounty hunter, I suggest reaching out to Replit’s support or posting on the forum as you already did to inquire about this feature. Since it’s not currently available, it may be a helpful addition for the team to consider.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and I hope you find a suitable bounty hunter to complete your project soon.

Best regards, @qudusayo


For anyone reading, here’s @Qudusayo’s github activity during this period:

And here’s our communications during this period: