How to Cancel a Bounty After Accepting

I created a bounty titled CryptPad Telegram Bot and accidentally accepted the first application. I was under the impression that accepting the application would simply allow me to chat with the hunter, not commit to them. It is my first time using Replit.

I’d like to figure out how to cancel and re-issue the bounty before the hunter begins to formally work on it.

I e-mailed Replit support but have not received a response.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


You can email the hunter themselves to clear up the mistake. I’m sure that they will be fully understanding of it. If they really are determined on making the project, I guess you could report them, though I’m not sure how Replit staff would react.

Thanks for the reply! I tried to e-mail the hunter same-day but have not received a response.

I’ve also e-mailed Replit support and haven’t heard anything back.

At the moment it doesn’t seem that there is anything more to do but wait.


No problem. Welcome to the forums!

Tell us if you need any further help once you receive a reply.

Heya! Welcome to the community! There is a button with 3 dots and you can say abandon bounty on the bounty page.

Hey, thanks for the reply! I’ve located the button but when I click ‘Cancel Bounty’ I get a pop-up with the following message:

“Cancel Bounty?
You cannot cancel this Bounty. You can only cancel Bounties that do not have an accepted application. If you need help, please contact support.”

I’ve contacted support but I’ve not heard back yet.

Support is currently backlogged with a lot of requests. Please be patient.

So sorry, you are the bounty poster not bounty hunter.

Noted, thanks for the reply.

In the event that the bounty completion date arrives prior to a resolution from Support, will the cycles attached to the bounty be returned to my account?

No. Nothing happens when the due date comes

Understood, so the only resolution is via Support. Thank you.

sry about this, but thanks for the question!