How to build a professional Portofolio

How should be a professional portfolio ?
What projects should include and how many ?
Thank you in advance


You can:

  • Give a description of you, and what you know
  • Show off what you know, making the website look good
  • Select the projects of which you are most proud, and display them
  • Display information on how to contact you

I hope this helped :smiley:


I am a beginner in python i need to work on projects and then include them in a new portfolio
I dont have any to show off
If you can give me 3 projects examples to master

You can try creating these:

  • A game with graphics using PyGame
  • A website hosted using Flask
  • A custom trained AI Model

While these may not be the easiest, they are sure to impress many people!

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Thank you so much milo

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Glad I could help :smiley:

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