How to build a customer profile template an internal user can enter information?

Looking to build a customer profile template an internal user can enter information in about that customer. From the home screen you can search specific word or location and any customers who match that will show in the results. Profile would be of trucking companies entering where they have capacity in the U.S. “Lane search” would then result in trucking companies who have capacity in that lane. For example, search Atlanta, GA to Miami and every truck entered that is in a radius of 75 miles for both origin and destination will show in the results. I have no programming skills and have no idea where to begin. Any help is appreciated!

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Try posting a bounty.


Hey @Wesleydru welcome to the forums.

If you want to pay somebody to make it you can make a bounty

But if you want to make it yourself you can go many diffrount routes. You can make a website, a desktop app and many others


Probably a dumb question but wouldn’t I need a SQL database for the desktop app to connect to? Essentially, I have a long list of “customers” and would like to pull up general info on them from the desktop app and then edit or add info in their “profile”. Is this possible or is there a better way to go about this?

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Hey @Wesleydru ! You can use SQL on Replit!

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