How to break out of an infinite alert box loop

I’m developing an html/jvs/css app on

I accidentally put an alert box (for debugging purposes) in a chunk of code that I didn’t realize was running infinitely.

Now I can’t edit this because everytime I load the page it’s spamming alert boxes. I can’t even access anything on the page.

I’ve tried everything. I went in and overrode the alert handler in the chrome console, manually paused on exceptions, disabled javascript in chrome (page won’t load then)

But nothing will let me actually simply edit the code to remove the alert.

This is kind of insanely annoying. And it’s beyond incredible that there is nothing online about this.

I have an idea, override the alert function. Go on your rep, open inspector tools with CTRL+SHIFT+I and go to the console. There, write window.alert = function(){}. Let me know if that works :slight_smile:


Hey @davidwbandel! Welcome to the community!

This post has been already covered here.

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In Firefox it gives you a checkbox with something to the extent of “Don’t allow this website to alert you again.” Just click that and it will stop. In other browsers, use some of the suggestions made by other people because that’s all I know.