How to break down outbound data transfer by repl

How to break down outbound data transfer by repl?

According to Outbound Data Transfer Limits | Replit Docs, on the usage page “you will see your total usage for the current month, which will be broken down by Repl.”

What I see (there’s an option to open a breakdown for storage, but not for outbound data. Clicking on outbound data does nothing):

That’s strange. I see an arrow:

Interesting :thinking: I wonder why yours shows up but mine doesn’t.

And you have multiple?

Yup - is that a thing though? That it doesn’t show the dropdown if you only have one repl?

@rayzerxd I confirmed with the team that they haven’t implemented the Outbound Data Transfer detailed drop-down for free tier users yet. It is on our roadmap and upcoming though!


Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification! :smiley:

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One last semi-related thing if I may ask (came up this morning, not certain if this warrants creating a whole new thread): In a multiplayer repl, whose outbound data transfer gets depleted?

@rayzerxd You’re very welcome, and the answer to this would be the Repl owner.

OK, thank you very much :slight_smile: Hope you have a wonderful day

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But I’m on the free tier. Is it because I had Hacker/Pro/Core at some point?

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@QwertyQwerty88 I’d have to do some testing to check. It shows the same as OP in my free tier accounts, but they’ve always been free tier.

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