How to be more productive programmer

  1. Use only dark mode. It gives better wattage used coding ratio.
  2. Set a strict deadline and then panic. Nothing motivates like fear.
  3. Set unrealistic goals you can always lower your standards and feel accomplished.
  4. Surround yourself with lazy people. That way, you’ll look more productive by comparison.
  5. Write all your tasks on sticky notes and then stick them to your cat. That way, you’ll be forced to get up and chase your cat around to see what you need to do next.
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What if Im lazy myself and nobody is more lazy then myself?


I am already lazy, writing from flask import Flask makes me tired already

Dude, I never knew I needed this tutorial until now. One problem:

I don’t have a cat ;-;

Then stick them to your dog

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Surround yourself with lazy people. That way, you’ll look more productive by comparison.

How do you find anyone lazier than a programmer?

I like your ideas a lot lol :laughing:

What if you don’t have one?

What if you’d then prefer not to decorate them with your problems (yes I have more than 1)?

Also, you should surround yourself with smart people so you’ll feel dumb and want to catch up by learning more.


There is just one problem how do you know you are laziest person on earth because figuring it out takes a lot of effort? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I got somebody else to find out if somebody else was more lazy then me so just slept while they did that


what if u dont have a pet?

Then just get a pet. It’s not that hard.

Why not just stick them on yourself?

I have an issue with 5 … I have a dog not a cat :rofl:

Then you won’t need to get up.

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Here are some more:

  1. Stop reading this, close this Ask tab and code something
  2. When you hit a problem use Blåhaj debugging
  3. Use problem solving, don’t just google it or put it into chatgpt (or stackoverflow) unless you’ve done step 2 and still have no idea how to solve it

No! Never!!!

I will never close this Ask tab, unless I accidently press Ctrl + W


then try ctrl + shift + t


Yeah, but that would just reopen the tab. It doesn’t mean I never closed the tab, yk?

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so close it (in order to instill this new habit of productivity)

ik, but it’s useful

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