How to be better at making repl

im new can someone give me tips on how to improve my repl

this is what it looks like if you wanted to know

In the output the red looks weird and does’nt have contrast with the black font, the first image looks weird since the white background is’nt transparent.
I’ll be looking at the code some more and i’ll give you feedback on the apearence of the output.


ok i’ve seen the repl and…
for some reason theres img and heading tags inside the head, the heading elements have a huge diference in color and theres two body elements, one empty and without closing tag and another thats ok.
Overall the code is not properly done, remove the headings and images from the head and move them to the body, remove that unclosed body element and make sure the code does’nt have two body elements.


i just needed some feedback and i guess you solved it so thanks