How to be able to get an output in the console log

Question: Why does an invalid syntax message appear in the console log every time I tried to generate an output for this code please?

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Hi @RonJLu, welcome to the community!

An easier way you can do this is just by using the Shell tab instead of the Console tab.

Just click the three dots then click “Show hidden files”. Next click on the .replit file and finally you can change the entrypoint to whatever file you want to run.

You can also change the second line from run="python" to run="python", though it won’t have an effect for languages with interpreters as shown in the comment on line 1.



Show hidden files


Also see the docs on how to configure a Repl:


Hi QwertyQwerty54, thanks for the warm welcome! Are you able to see the screenshot now by any chance?


Yes, after editing your post. Please take a look at my edited reply.

Thank you very much, this was a lot of helpful information, how would I use a shell tab instead please?

In the sidebar, under Tools, you should see a shell option:

Alright then, thanks again, a lot of help

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