How to Banned appeal

Hello I try to contact Replit support to unban my Account but They suggest to go to but I’ll wait 7days And no one response Until the Site Being down

Can you help me how do I banned Appeal Pleaseee

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Hello! Welcome @PhCorner :smile:
The contact site is currently not working right now, as from my perspective it just hangs and is stuck in a loading loop.

Honestly, wait until the site gets fixed and you can appeal for your ban! :grin:


Thanks for highlighting this issue @PhCorner.

I’ve raised this with the Replit team to investigate. Once I hear back I’ll let you know!


Asked some other site mods that know the code for that site and good old kill 1 fixed it. Should be back up and running and you should be able to appeal now.


Your moderator site went down?

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I’m tempted to say it was moderated by the moderator moderator site and found lacking…