How to Backup/Download an Entire Directory

I have been using replit for a couple years now, but wanted to backup/download one of my work directories with all the project files. I can go to EACH single replit (JS+HTML project) and then download a ZIP for the project. But, I don’t want to do this for EACH project. I tried right clicking on my replit directories, but I don’t see a download ZIP for the entire project list.

So, in a nutshell, is there any way to download a ZIP of an entire directory with projects it in other than doing it ONE at a time?

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I believe you can download a whole repl, but I’m not sure about just one folder.

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Try using the zip command like so:

zip -r [name of generated zip] [folder1] [folder2] [other folders if needed]

For example, if I wanted to compress a directory called test, do the following:

zip -r test

That should generate a zip, which you can download via Replit’s menu.

If Nix tells you zip is not installed, simply type Y and you should automatically do the rest.

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Pretty sure replit is implementing mass downloading soon.