How to auto generate lorem ipsum (placeholder text)

I just discovered this in the replit app (html file):

  1. How do i accept this suggestion? I tried pressing enter and pressing on the suggestion but neither worked.
  2. Also are there similar tricks/shortcuts?

for those who dont know, lorem ipsum is some placeholder text

You can accept a Ghostwriter suggestion with the Tab key.


I dont have ghostwriter and i am on a tablet (so no tab key).

If you’re using the mobile app, swipe Right

It did not work. Swiping does not do anything

Are you using the web version or the mobile app?

Im using the Mobile app
Lastest version on playstore too 2.33.0

Have you tried swiping from the far left of the screen to the far right quickly?

I tried, still doesn’t work

Are you using an external mouse or your finger?

Im using my finger on my tab’s touchscreen.
Android 11 samsung galaxy tab A

I tried it out on my own samsung tablet, and it would turn out that you have to swipe your finger directly on the code. As soon as a ghostwriter suggestion appears, put your finger on it and swipe right to accept it

Still doesnt work. Also i dont have ghostwriter

What’s that text then? A code suggestion will never be that long.

Upon further investigation, that is emmet and there is no way to accept that suggestion. Thanks for reporting, will pass along to the mobile team.


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