How To Add Images Into Python

What file do you use to input and image into your python code? Like to print out later in the code.

IIRC, you can’t print images to the console, which can be problematic. (like if you game requires console access, but also displays images, which go to Output instead)

Using methods I know nothing about, you can convert an image or even a video to ASCII and display that in the console, thus resulting in a really pixelated video.


This is true, I was referring to directly displaying the image (No modifications), but this is a valid method to do so.

I made this piece of code to transform an image to ASCII a while ago; I’m pretty confident it still works, perhaps you can use something similar to achieve a pixellated image effect on the terminal? I’ve tried it here but I wasn’t so happy with the results. Hopefully, it’s a different story for you!


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