How to add domain name?

I make a website and i want to change the domain with my custom domain but there is no option to change it can anyone help ?

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First, deploy your repl.
Then, set up a custom domain for your deployment.

You cannot connect a custom domain to a repl without deploying because Replit is deprecating that method of hosting. See Changes to Hosting on Replit! for more information.


Can’t done it free ?

Do you have Replit core? If so, it will be free. If you are not subscribed, then it will charge AFAIK. Deployments are the ONLY way to host things on Replit as of January 1st, 2024.

Static deployments will not require a credit card eventually. I think by January 1st. Other than that, you have to pay.


No that is completely wrong. Static requries a credit card now but soon won’t.

oh, that’s interesting, I did not know that! Thanks!

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Actually, not really. It’s free until your conpute units run out (for Autoscale) and is free until your egress is full (for Static).