How to add a Domain in Replit 2023

Where would I find the place to link my domain with replit? Replit’s UI has changed and I can’t seem to find where I would.

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So that we’re all clear, is there now a paywall behind simply linking a domain?

To ensure there’s no miscommunication here, please answer the question above with a “Yes” or a “No”.

In short, no.

Well, right now, yes. But once they remove the need for credit card for Deployments, then no.

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Guess I’ll see how is doing, it’s been a while.

I know, that is pretty dumb that they have executed one part of their plan but not the other part that goes with the first part.

Update: “Glitch currently does not support adding new custom domains” (5 months ago, no signs of a change coming soon)

It seems Github Pages is going to be my last bet.

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Domain hosting is no longer free. You need a deployment.

I use render, works like a charm

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All deployments let you use custom domains and static deployments are free.
So no, you do NOT need to pay to use a custom domain, but may need to pay for the hosting depending on what type of site it is.

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