How to access (and edit) secret replit files

How to access (and edit) secret replit files

Apparently, replit is pretty much like a directory itself, with hidden files that you can’t see.
In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to access and edit them.

  1. Make a new repl
  2. add pkgs.vim to replit.nix
  3. run cd / (replit) or cd /home/runner/ (your repls) in the shell
  4. run ls -a in the shell to view the secret files and directories
  5. run vim {file} to edit the file (replace {file} with the name of the file you want to edit)

Why can’t you just search for the file in the repl?

did you read the post?
the reason is because it’s not in the repl

The files are for the IDE?

IDK. Maybe. You can check the files to see for yourself

You should be 100% sure before posting.

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100% sure about what?

You just said you weren’t sure if the files were about the IDE or not.

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Not 100% sure if Replit’s “secret files” are hidden in Linux’s filesystem, but if so you would need to use ls -a.