How should people find and join this forum?

Currently there is nothing obvious on the main site ( pointing people towards this forum. There is only 1 place that is points users to this forum. When you first make a team this UI will come up.

And only 1 link comes to here. So if a teacher just wants to make a team they wont see it.

And all of this doesn’t even mention non teaches. With the recent edition of #help and #code-help the forum is expanding to a more general audience. So only people that were in the forums before this transition and teachers that click the link will be getting help.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Make the community tab direct to the forums*
  2. If somebody gets an error in their code 2+ times in the console it would say somethign like

It looks like you are having trouble. Thats OK. There are many people willing to help over on our forums.

  1. In the question mark UI thing the Ask the community button directs to the forums instead of the discord.


Off topic

I think we should bring back the site feedback category so topics like these have their own space instead of going into #uncategorized.


I was also thinking this the other day after clicking on the question mark and being directed to Discord not Discourse!

Will dig deeper and find out more. Thanks Ethan!

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The support team @bardia and myself are working on integrating this forum into the platform more organically, so it’s definitely on our to-do list! We’re just getting started!


Update The Ask the community button now sends users here instead of the discord.


What I think will be particularly effective will be to add a new item in the sidebar menu that points to this forum.

Or possibly in the “foot section” of it where the link to the discord is located

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I think it’s working since more people are joining.


Hey, @LenaAtReplit as I mentioned bore that the Ask the community button points towards here. I also just noticed that the pages that have a footer has a link that points to here.¹

I feel like with all the new users those 2 things would not get as many people to join. Has anything else been changed to help people find this forum?


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In the replit 404 page, there’s a link to the ask forum

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Also on the report form for bugs, billing and things like that it links here also.

You could put an ask link in the community tab.

@SILVERSTOCK I already mentioned this.

Sorry. I was seeing this at midnight.

Cant blame you. That happens to me all the time (except the midnight part).

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It is in the community hub.


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Locking this since there are a lot of things linked here now.

  1. Ask the community button
  2. 404 page
  3. Footer
  4. Community hub
  5. 100 days of code
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