How should I learn Unity?

Hello! I want to learn how to make 3D games on unity, but I am not sure where to start. I know how to code in HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, and Python. Please point me in the right direction or give me a good tutorial to use.

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  1. Learn C#. This is very…VERY important for Unity.
  2. Learn to use a 3D modelling program. (Skip if you’re making a 2D game)
  3. Like learning anything comp sci related, watch a LOT of tutorials.
  4. Mark this post as a solution if it helped!

Blender is a reputable free 3D modeling program available for Window, Linux, and I think MacOS.


Yeah I mainly use Blender for a lot of side projects (I dabble in Unity but usually roll Unreal). Works on MacOS too.


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