How many repls can i have running at once?

How many repls can i have running at once


Like, running as in running the program? If that’s the case, just open each Repl in a new tab and run each one (also the easiest way to set fire to your PC). In terms of keeping them awake, depends on how much of Always On you paid for.


To add on in theory you can have an unlimited number if you had money for them


You can use gdaybot to keep up to 20 Repls alive for free, and the site tells you some other “pingers” as well to keep stuff alive. Note that this only works for website Repls.


How do i use it? please let me know

run in shell:

curl "${REPL_SLUG}&author=${REPL_OWNER}"

@gdaybot keep alive

Thats how it works.

(I dont know if that’s what you were asking, sorry)

hmm I would say it’s CoderElijah who answered the actual question

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The Replit user “id” is banned.

That’s because it’s not a real user. It’s used for repl alternative domains. And to answer the original question, you can have 20 repls running at once.

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