How many coding languages do you know

What coding languages do you know
  • none
  • html/css/js
  • node.js
  • python
  • ruby
  • php
  • c/c++
  • other not on this list

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Post a comment if there’s a coding language not on here

while C code is easily converted to C++, even Rust programmers may be more familiar with some idiomatic C++ code than C programmers. It’s worth splitting C and C++.


if you’re actually looking for how many people use each language on replit, just look at the fork counts in Templates | Languages - Replit. Python is high on top


ok thanks i will do that

Shout out to all the COBOL users time traveling into the 70s. They are on a higher level than us mere mortals.


Node.js is a Javascript runtime and not a separate language.

meh. Node.js extends from the ES standard, so it can be worth differentiating

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